Last Updated : 10-08-2020

Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE)

Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE) project is a World Bank assisted-Government of India project with the objective of improving the relevance and efficiency of skills training provided through Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and apprenticeships. The financial agreement was signed between Government of India and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) on 19th December, 2017 and the closing date of the project is November, 2022. It is an outcome focused scheme marking shift in government's implementation strategy in vocational education and training from inputs to results. It is aimed at institutional reforms and improving quality & market relevance of skill development training programs in long term vocational education training. It shall incentivize ITIs to improve overall performance including apprenticeship by involving SMEs, business association and industry clusters. The project aims to develop a robust mechanism for delivering quality skill development training by strengthening institutions such as State Directorate of training & Employment, CSTARI, NIMI, NSTIs, ITIs etc.

It is a Central Sector Scheme (CSS) with a budget outlay of INR 2200 Crore (US $ 318 million) covering the following 4 result areas:

  • Improved performance of ITI.
  • Increased Capacities of State Governments to support ITIs and Apprenticeship Training
  • Improved Teaching and Learning.
  • Improved and Broadened Apprenticeship Training.

Progress so far:

  • 31 States/UT have signed agreement to implement STRIVE
  • A total of 314 ITI from 23 States have been selected to participate in the programme
  • 211 ITIs have signed Performance based grant agreement
  • 13 Industry Clusters(IC) from 8 states have been selected in pilot phase to promote Apprenticeships
  • An external agency has been hired to identify key constraints in female participation in skills training so that remedial action can be taken to enhance female participation.
  • Capacity building workshops organized for ITI principals, IMC chairman, ICs and State officials. Till date 16 states and over 150 ITI representative have been trained and briefed in detail on the nuances of the project
  • Baseline collation and correction is completed for the project ITI and state departments
  • Creation of Monitoring portal to capture the financial disbursement and track the KPIs for ITI is completed and now live 
  • Industry cluster/Associations have been physically visited to build their capacity on implementation of project
  • 18 Private ITI have been physically visited to build their capacity on implementation of the STRIVE project
  • Workshop on Environmental and Social aspects under STRIVE for 17 state level nodal officers has been conducted
  • Over 25 workshops on STRIVE for various stakeholders in Delhi and various regional locations have been completed till date
  • More than INR 67.83 crore have been disbursed to various implementing agencies
  • 13,394 officials have been trained under NSQF compliance
  • 2 Disbursement linked results have been achieved so far viz approval of Operations Manual and signing of agreements by 200 ITI